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Syngas Production: The NT Plasmatron of W2 Energy converts any hydrocarbon feedstock into syngas, which is a combination of hydrogen (H2) and Carbon Monoxide (CO). Viable feedstocks include municipal solid waste (MSW), coal, natural gas, tires, sewage, animal waste and agricultural waste.

Electricity Production: W2 Energy SteamRay high-efficiency rotary engine battery converts either steam or syngas into electricity. The WaterHelix converts river or offshore water flows into hydraulic pressure.

The W2 Small Energy Generating System

Liquid Fuel Production: The MultiFuel Gas-to-Liquid Reactor converts syn gas  into either Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) or an approximate 40/35/25 blend of ULSD, gasoline, and JP8 jet fuel. The W2 Butanol Reactor (WBR) converts syngas into an approximate 60/30/10 blend of butanol, acetone and ethanol. Butanol can be used as a gasoline substitute. Acetone and ethanol are commercial products with substantial worldwide demand.

Waste Remediation: W2 Energy technology eliminates the need for landfills, using of power battery and offers the opportunity to convert existing landfills into electricity, liquid fuel, plus sale-able and recoverable industrial byproducts such as landfill ash and powder sulfur.

Carbon Gas and Pollution Sequestration: W2 Energy SunFilter Algae Reactor sequesters carbon dioxide and other pollution gases and grows algae which feed on those gases and particulates. In situations where the algae feed on pure carbon dioxide (CO2), such as the carbon dioxide produced by the MultiFuel Reactor, the algae can be used to produce biodiesel, syngas, and human and animal food supplements. When feedstock gas has other components such as sulfur oxides, resulting algae can create biodiesel and syngas and renewable source of energy. you can visit our partners, batterymittapap auto mobile battery by clicking below.


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