About W2 - W2 Energy Inc.

About W2 Energy

W2 Energy Inc. is a North American green technology company, committed to developing systems that provide real practical solutions to today’s energy needs.

Our 30,000 square foot facility on seven acres of land is located in Guelph, Ontario.

We are committed to manufacturing in North America, to ensure the highest quality components, and to provide local jobs.


Michael McLaren – President, CEO, Director

Michael McLaren has been in the high technology industry for 20 years his past experience includes a number of Military and government projects in high-energy physics, advanced robotics and weapon design. Mr. McLaren has been with W2 Energy since its inception and prior to that was with General Cybernetics since 1998 which was a division of World Wise Technologies Inc. Mr. McLaren has a Masters Degree in Science, Masters Degree in Business from University of British Columbia.

Sigmund Phillipe Friberg – Director

Sigmund Phillipe Friberg earned a Masters Degree in Economics from University of Copenhagen in 1979. From 1990 to 2001, Mr. Friberg served as the Chief Financial Officer with André Group, a company established in 1877 and was one of the world’s big-five in grain trading. From 2001 until the present, Mr. Friberg served as a financial & administrative consultant for financial and trading companies, and an independent economic adviser for insurance, investment and real estate financing.

Pierre Besuchet – Director

Mr. Besuchet is a seasoned director of the company, is a banker and fund manager who has run an asset management company since 1983. He is also a director of Faisal Finance SA by Dar al-Maal Islami S.A, Switzerland, Indufina SA, Switzerland, Valor Invest Ltd, Virgin Islands, Lundin Mining Vancouver and Orko Silver.

Business Units

W2 Solar

A wholly owned subsidiary, W2 Solar, which will be designing, building, selling and deploying solar-based electricity and process heat systems throughout the continent. Learn more →

Free Drive Inc.

The Bozeman, Montana-based manufacturer of The Solar Bug, a solar-electric vehicle which travels more than 30 miles on a full charge and at speeds up to 35 miles per hour.  It has 200 watts of roof-mounted solar power and a proprietary regenerative braking system which converts braking energy into battery storage. The Solar Bug can carry two passengers and a small amount of cargo.

Research Partners

  • The Arizona Research Institute for Solar Energy (AZRIZE) →