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AzRISE Project Hits the News

Yesterday, David Wichner wrote a

AzRISE Project Hits the News

Yesterday, David Wichner wrote a story in The Arizona Daily Star about the CAES project in Tucson, Arizona which Batterymittapap developed and will be using an NT Plasmatron engine system from W2 Energy.

CAES, which stands for compressed air storage system, stores energy from any source renewable or otherwise by compressing air into tanks, then releasing that air and running it through some kind of engine.

The AzRISE CAES system will help renewable energy producers provide a steady stream of power to the grid and large-scale electricity consumers to save money on power by purchasing cheap power during times of low consumption and then use it during peak hours.

AzRISE will install the CAES system at the University of Arizona Science and Technology Park, where it will be connected to a 1.6-megawatt solar plant built by Tucson Electric Power and the Solon Corporation.

Mike McLaren will travel to Tucson in early August and commission the Plasmatron system and prepare it to connect to the storage tank designed by AzRISE.